Minimum Specs


  1. Use a camera that has a minimum of 6 megapixels
  2. Submit your images as JPEGs
  3. Files should be 1890 x 1417 pixels or larger
  4. pixel per inch (PPI) requirement is 300ppi.
  5. Upload JPEG’s with a file size of over 17MB (when uncompressed). This is likely to have a compressed JPEG size of 2-5MB. Opening a JPEG in a program such as Adobe Photoshop will show you the uncompressed (open) file size
  6. We offer different sizes and attached licenses for each image on the site.
  7. Stockist automatically creates all the different smaller size files from the full resolution file that you upload
  8. The file pricing is based inter alia on the image dimensions, so it's in your best interest to provide an image in the largest pixel dimensions possible (original size)
  9. Images will not be offered in a bigger file size than the original upload.
  10. Files that have been up/re-sampled will not be accepted - In other words, the pixel dimensions cannot be increased to be larger than the file's original dimensions.
  11. The files are offered on the site in following sizes:
    Small:                    837 x 628 pixels
    Medium:                 1658 x 1244 pixels
    Large:                    2478 x 1652 pixels
    X Large:                 3785 x 2523 pixels
    XX Large:               4987 x 3325 pixels
    Maxium                  6233 x 4675 pixels
    Original size         when uploading images above the maximum size, the image must first be uploaded, and the contributor then needs to log into his/her profile on the site, and upload a 800x600 px thumbnail for that image.
  12. WATERMARKS – no contributor watermarks are allowed with media uploads – Stockist automatically applies the Stockist watermark on all media on the site.
  13. KEYWORDS – all uploads must have:
    Keywords (minimum of 5 keywords per image) (click link here for keyword tutorial)


  1. The contributor must be the original creator of the image
  2. Model releases – required for all persons visible in your files.
    Stockist model releases can be downloaded from the site (click link here)
  3. Images must not include logos or protected trademarks
  4. Images must not include buildings, goods or places protected by intellectual property rights.
    Property release forms can be downloaded from the site where applicable (click link here)


  1. Photos must be free from any technical problems (framing, exposure, interpolation, grain)
  2. Photos must be creative and correspond to subjects that Stockist buyers are looking for.
  3. Photos must comply with Stockist’s moral standards.
  4. Photos must have stock value